Plate 30cm

Turkish handmade hand-painted ceramic plate, Ottoman design


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Tulip: Represents the unity of God in Sufism because of the similarity in the letters of the letter of Allah in Arabic. The tulip motif is like a dervish’s praying hands to whirling and praying. He prays for you in the eternal beauties of God.

Carnation: represents spring, renewal and cleaning. An object with a carnation pattern means offering a new home or a new job. When you buy it as a gift to yourself or a friend, you will wish them the best in success in this new step.

Pomegranate: It is the symbol of abundance and fertility because it is accepted as the fruit of Paradise. When you buy a product with a pomegranate pattern or when you give it as a gift, it means that you have received a meaningful object because you have a blessing.

Tree of life: Represents life. He tells us about his life from roots to leaves and the life after death. Because the tree of life motifs represent life and because of the existence of family life in life, it makes you feel as a family or I want you to be one of the family.

Each piece is unique, hand-painted, different from another and the pattern might be different from picture. Please note that there may be small irregularities that distinguish this original handmade piece from its machine made counterparts.

Diameter: ø30-32cm
Net weight: 1kg
Material: ceramic

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Weight 2 kg

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