Plate 18cm

Turkish traditional handmade ceramic plate


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This style of ceramic production relies on form, colour and texture for its’ appeal. The artist draws the figures, calligraphic, floral, or geometric with a diamond pointed pen and then glazes them so that they stand up in relief. Items produced in the Relief style generally have a single base colour onto which floral and other Ottoman designs and motifs are painted in bright colours.

Each plate is unique, hand-painted and different from another. Please note that there may be small irregularities that distinguish this original handmade piece from its machine made counterparts. They are lead free (food safe), microwavable & dishwasher safe.

Diameter: ø18cm
Net weight: 0,3kg
Material: ceramic

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The meanings of colors:

– Red: vitality, dynamism, recklessness and love
– Blue: infinity and freedom
– Green: color of nature and peace
– Yellow: the brightest and the most prominent color implies intelligence, delicacy and practicality
– Purple: Nobility, luxury and respect
– Pink: joy, trust and comfort
– Orange: Extroversion and confidence
– Dark blue: authority and productivity

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